Self Discipline Pt. 01

Author's Note: The book mentioned in this story doesn't actually exist. Neither do the characters. It's just a fantasy.


My name is Dominia Sax and I'm a best-selling author of a female domination book called, "Self Discipline-The Femdom's 12 Step Guide to Domination Freedom."

The book is the byproduct of marrying a sexually submissive man. To catalog the germination of the hugely successful program I have created, I begin this story with our initial journey. Patsive was my fiance-at the time-and he wanted to be honest about his fetishes before we tied the knot.

I started by having him write down ways for him to be submissive. I was new to this and wanted his input. I felt it best to set the tone from the outset. On the night we got engaged, I had him make a list of all the ways he fantasized about being submissive. Here is the list he came up with:

-getting spanked

-wearing panties

-licking my butt hole

-getting peed on

-wearing a butt plug

And my personal favorite admission from him was:

-eating his cum from my pussy

I'd bet any woman reading this could be envious of the idea that my fiance wants to eat my pussy. And not only that, but while there is cum in it. Wow!

Pretty graphic stuff to hear and commit to from my new fiance. I sat on the couch after reading his idea list. Immediately, I ordered him to get over my knee.

I spanked his ass with my hand. I could tell he didn't think this was hard enough. After 50 swats he asked, "Don't you want to make me drop my pants?"

He didn't know I was baiting him. I wanted him to think it was his idea and make him ask for it. I was planning on making him ask for everything he would submissively receive, from now on. Every single time.

"Perhaps go to the kitchen and retrieve the wooden cooking spoon you want to be spanked with," I suggested.

I had him drape over my lap again, still fully clothed and gave him another 50 swats. I was smacking him pretty good, but holding back on purpose."

"Aren't you going to make me drop my pants?"

"You could stand up and ask for permission to have your bare ass spanked?" I had him right where I wanted from day one.

He did exactly that, standing up and then dropping his pants and his boxers.

"Please spank my bare ass, mistress."

"I'm not your mistress; I'm your fiance who is soon to be your wife. Don't ever call me that again."

Then I went to town on his exposed buttocks. I smacked the shit out of his bare ass over a hundred times. He was in absolute shock (and pain). His butt went from pink to red to a deep red. I got out my phone and took a picture. Tone set.

I researched everything I could find on the internet about being in a female led relationship. So by the time we were about to be married, I had a well thought out plan. Up until then, he had to ask to be spanked, which worked out to be about twice a week.

We hadn't had intercourse yet and here I was on the cusp of marriage continuing to set the tone. I told him he shouldn't marry me unless he completely accepted that he'd be a cuckold. Starting with our wedding night. I wasn't sure which groomsman I was going to fuck, but I knew it was going to happen. I told him that I'd read the top fem dom books on being a loving dominant. Each author and expert in the field recommended cuckolding. He slunk down and grudgingly agreed. I told him his nickname would now be 'Patsy'. How funny that the first load he will finally get to eat from my married pussy-a request from his initial list-wouldn't actually be his, but one of his best friends. I'm thinking/hoping it'll be Simon.

So the sexual part of our marriage began on our wedding night with some major submission kinkiness. I knew Simon would fuck me. I just had to make it appear to be in secret. Then I'd come to the honeymoon suite and feed my new husband a fresh load of his best buddy's sperm.

And fuck the bed sheets, because without warning, I unleashed a massive downpour of urine. I peed all over Patsive-this was HIS request. I even firmly held his head so he could swallow some pee to wash down his yummy cum snack from Simon. Next, I slid slightly down to give him direct access to my anus. As he made out with my butt hole and tongued my sphincter, I guided his hand to his penis so his first marital orgasm would be by his own hand with his tongue up my ass and his hair soaked with urine.

To complete the perfect wedding night, I laid out his sleeping attire in the foyer: a butt plug, panties-both of these requests were on his initial list-and a bra that matched his panties.

He didn't even give a hint of rebuttal when he crawled into bed properly dressed. Only one item remained missing from his initial fiance list, eating his own cum from my pussy. He got to eat Simon's cum instead. But I decided months ago he was never going to fuck me. Ever. It was one of the ways I set the tone. Besides, he could easily eat his own cum. He didn't need to fuck me for that to happen.

But it was our wedding night. So, it stands to reason he should eat his cum tonight.

"Aren't you forgetting something? From your wish list, I mean."

He knew exactly what I was referring to.

"Let's figure out how you're going to eat it."

"Can I lick it off of you?"

He already instinctively knew not to ask to fuck me.

"Not tonight. I just showered. Maybe another time."

"I could eat it out of my hand, I guess," he embarrassingly offered.

"That sounds fun! I'll watch!"

That's how our wedding night ended. My new husband jacking off in panties and a bra while pinching off a butt plug with his load squirting into his other hand so he could feed himself his slimy cum. I scored a perfect 5 for 5 from his initial list sans a spanking (which he didn't ask for).

When he leaned over to kiss me goodnight I pulled back.

"Your breath smells like cum," another tone setting maneuver-this one being that a cum eating husband doesn't get to kiss his wife.

In the ensuing newlywed initial months, I quickly learned having full sexual control as a loving dominant was a lot of work. And way too much time was spent on the submissive. Shouldn't that be the other way around? I needed to take control of how much time I was spending on Patsy's needs. I needed to implement a time shift. How could I have my life as a loving dominant be better? Organized differently? I kept researching, reading and studying. And I set out to devise a whole new fem dom structure. Perhaps a structure not seen in the loving dominant world. A new way of running things.

And then I'd put pen to paper and articulate my plan. All this led to my book called:

"Self Discipline-The Femdom's 12 Step Guide to Domination Freedom"

I'm sending my husband on a journey of submissive self-discipline. Each step of his training is for him to learn how to discipline himself, under my guidance. He will eventually graduate to solo self submission and learn to debase himself-by himself-as if I were there ordering him. He could be alone or I could be present just sitting back to watch. Heck, I could even have him record his solo performance for me. If I was busy or uninterested, he could report his submissive performance to me afterwards. It was brilliant, if I do say so myself. I couldn't wait to get started.

There are 12 steps to reaching submissive self discipline mastery. Each step should be mastered and self applied until perfected. When mastery of all 12 steps is reached, multiple steps can be required together for any future self discipline session.

Here are the 12 steps:

1 Spanking

2 Cumeating

3 Golden Showers

4 Chastity

5 Date Night

6 Assfucking

7 Nipple Tweaking

8 Interracial Gay Porn Addiction

9 Cock Sucking

10 Milking

11 Testicle Spanking

12 Passing the Grade

End of Part 1. Program implementation next."


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